5 things you didn’t know about BMG Parts

Tuesday, 18th July 2017

5 things you didn’t know about BMG Parts

So you’ve heard that BMG has expanded into parts, but that’s not all we do.
Here are the top five things you may not know about BMG Parts.....

  1. BMG boasts a fully equipped workshop with mechanics available to service and cater for all your mechanical needs.
  2. Our workshop specializes in rebuilding/repairing components – engines, transmissions, drop boxes and differentials.
  3. We can rebuild your transmission and dropbox cores, and also have exchange components available for sale.
  4. For added peace of mind, all rebuilt transmissions and dropboxes are bench tested by an outside source prior to delivery.
  5. Rebuilt components are a cost-effective alternative and reduce machine downtime for your business

          So if you’re looking for more than just parts, get in touch!

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