Hydrema Dump Trucks

BMG is the exclusive agent for Hydrema articulated and compact dump trucks in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, offering a wide range of Hydremas 912 for sale.

Hydrema are small, agile and robust dump trucks. Manufactured in Germany since 1983 the company is well known around the world for its supreme performance, ease of use, low weight and great durability.

Characteristics include:

  • 10 tonne articulated dump truck
  • Compact and off-road superior
  • Low ground pressure
  • Simple to operate, very safe and robust

Hydrema 912 Dump Trucks For Sale

The Hydrema can be configured to suit a vast array of applications including as a dump truck, water truck, concrete agitator and off-road tray truck.

The Hydrema can be fitted with Hi-Rail running equipment suitable for the construction and maintenance of railway lines and tracks.

BMG Parts stocks new parts for Hydrema machines and our Hydrema trained fitters are fully qualified to undertake all service and repairs.

Watch the Hydrema video here.


If you would like to buy a Hydrema dumper truck in Australia or New Zealand, contact us for more information.


Articulated Dump Trucks

The Hydrema brand offers some of the most popular choices of dump trucks available within our industry. Easy to operate and wholly reliable, this is a brand that will be able to equip your business with reliable pieces of heavy equipment. Hydrema articulated dump trucks provide several of our clients with a dependable and efficient workhorse for their operations. High in demand, especially when it comes to earthmoving and construction projects, the brand's range of vehicles can support your business in a wide variety of ways. Among the most popular configurations we see being used by our clients, Hydrema brand articulated dump trucks are very commonly used as off-road dump trucks, and as mining dump trucks, to name just a few examples of its multi-functionality.

Depending on the functions you seek to fulfil for your operations, Hydrema articulated dump trucks are widely regarded in our business as being one of the most reliable pieces of equipment available. Hydrema dump trucks are able to support a wide range of functions. Whether you see fit to outfit one with a standard load tray, or with a concrete agitator, Hydrema articulated dump trucks do not disappoint. This is a brand that produces earthmoving vehicles that plenty of our clients have come to continually rely on.

Expert Hydrema Dealers

Our team at BMG frequently keeps up to date with our professional network, when it comes to sourcing new used or repossessed heavy equipment such as Hydrema dump trucks. Within our yard, our professionals also keep themselves well versed with the availability of used and refurbished parts for Hydrema articulated dump truck parts. If you are considering Hydrema for its articulated dump trucks, it always helps to get an expert opinion. Being highly familiar with the Hydrema range of earthmoving and construction equipment, our team at BMG is always ready to assist with any particular queries you may have.


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