Earthmoving Equipment Magazine Test Drive The Hydrema 912E Range

Thursday, 8th August 2019

Earthmoving Equipment Magazine Test Drive The Hydrema 912E Range

Heath and Jamie from Earthmoving Equipment Magazine recently met with us in Ballina to test drive 3 different Hydrema 912 machines of ours on a working subdivision site. Have a read below to see what they have to say:


The Diesel Dirt & Turf expo in Sydney is a great show because you get to see the latest and greatest products that have arrived in Australia. One such standout for EEM was the Hydrema 912 range of articulated dump trucks with their unique Multi Tip function that have a body capable of rotating 180 degrees to the right and the left, allowing the operator to tip material to either side or the rear. You can only imagine the huge amount of opportunities and benefits this style of machines brings to any site.

EEM decided to jump on a plane to beautiful Ballina and catch up with Cameron Blake from Blake Machinery Group to see exactly what these impressive machines were actually capable of in a fully functioning worksite.

Hydrema has been in the earthmoving game since 1959 with the Danish-headquartered outfit having originally made its name in Europe, and now operating on a global scale presiding over an ever-evolving portfolio of earthmoving equipment, and bringing to market a range of articulated dump trucks.

In Australia, Blake Machinery Group (BMG) is the exclusive agent for Hydrema articulated and compact dump trucks in Queensland, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, with it offering Hydrema’s 912E series articulated dump truck range in a variety of configurations. The 912E series has truly been built for purpose, and in first laying eyes on the 912ES there’s no shaking the impression that it’s one tough unit. Designed to provide high ground clearance, everything about the 912ES conveys brute utility – from the heavy duty articulated chassis to a strapping, high-tensile steel tray body and wide treaded wheels. The ‘S’ in ES stands for suspension on the front axle, an optional factory fitted feature that Hydrema specs on its stock machines as it adds immeasurably to the ride comfort over rough ground for the operator.

Solidly put together, it certainly looks a fair option to have at the ready to throw into the mix as and when required. It is also noteworthy that, beneath its tough exterior, the 912ES sports a number of additional practical touches, effectively bringing together power and mobility, and delivering flexibility on worksites.


Getting behind the controls of the 912ES, I was at once impressed by its ease of operation with the tipping function proving user-friendly and easy to engage, and the joystick on the right-hand side delivering on-the-thumb operation. On the whole, the controls combine to make a pretty seamless experience, and operators will no doubt appreciate the practical design.

Operators will likely also appreciate the comfortable layout of the 912ES’s cab, which is decked out with a mechanical, air-suspended seat that can be adjusted according to the size and weight of the operator, along with an adjustable steering wheel with all the basic components in place to deliver a solid and enjoyable ride.

Meanwhile, air-conditioning adds to the comfort factor, with a heating and fresh air system providing integrated cooling and automatic temperature control allowing for temperature adjustment dependent upon the operator’s requirements.

Visibility is very good, and is aided by the size and positioning of the cab and its encompassing glass enclosure – and, across its different functions, I found that the 912ES provided smooth and comfortable operation.


The 912ES is equipped with a 5.6 cubic meter tray body with a 10-tonne carrying capacity, which makes it an ideal machine to have on hand for projects such as small subdivisions, and it comes with the option of a swivel tip system providing additional operations flexibility.

Machines in the 912E range decked out with the optional MultiTip function have a body capable of rotating to the right and the left, delivering operators the ability to unload material directly behind the machine and across a 180-degree area – and this, of course, has the potential to come in useful across a range of applications.

Tackling projects where space may be at a premium, or when movement is limited due to particular conditions unique to a site, being able to position the 912ES parallel to unloading areas, wth the option to swivel 90 degrees to the right and the left as required, could deliver significant efficiency benefits, speeding up operations and enhancing productivity.


Powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5 L engine, the 912ES is certainly a handy little mover – and, during my time behind the wheel, I appreciated the agility it provides, finding that I was able to get around on site comparatively quickly with the 912ES delivering a stable ride across a range of applications.

With a maximum power of 105kW at 2000rpm and maximum torque of 620Nm at 1500 rpm, the 912ES has the capacity to move around at pace on site, along with the mobility needed to get right into the thick of the action and get the job done quickly.

Its ZF six-speed fully automatic transmission comprises six forward and three reverse gears, with it also providing the option for manual gear-shift using push buttons on the joystick, while I found that its constant 4WD helps when tackling steeper slopes and provided further maneuverability. The 912E range’s articulated chassis consists of front and rear frames, connected in a pivot at the top and in the pendulum bar with two hydraulic stabilizers at the bottom, with the articulated centre pivot, along with the range’s wide wheels and high ground clearance configured to deliver mobility and low ground pressure.


BMG offers the Hydrema range in the local market in a number of different configurations, with it advising that the range can be configured for a variety of applications, including as a dump truck, water truck, and off-road tray truck – and, along with the 912ES, its models include the 912ES Water Truck, the 912ES Rail, and the 912HM.

Pointing to the versatility of the 912E series, BMG Managing Director Cameron Blake told EEM that the equipment supplier is seeing the range put to use across “lots of various applications along the east coast of Australia”.

Among these applications, Cameron additionally took EEM through the functions of the 912ES Water Truck, set up with a 10,000 L Curry water tank manufactured in America, and decked out with a front water cannon, along with side batter sprats and rear sprats, with it capable of running the cannon and sprats all at once. “It’s got the power to do that, to shoot out all the water as the same time, which is perfect for a small subdivision,” Cameron explained. “We’ve had this machine on a few subdivisions now, just small sites that require something different to a road-going truck because they need the all-wheel-drive of the Hydrema.”

Cameron additionally told EEM that BMG is set to add to its 912E series line-up, with further machines destined for the Australian market.
“We’re excited, we’ve got more on the water now coming to Australia,” he commented. “We’re excited to keep on importing them and to keep on selling them to our customers here.”

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