Hydrema Rail 912ES Delivered To Kennelly Constructions

Friday, 23rd February 2018

Hydrema Rail 912ES Delivered To Kennelly Constructions

Meet the customer….Kennelly Constructions

Part of what keeps us ticking at BMG is the relationships we have with our loyal and long-standing customers. As a family business, it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of what we do, seeing our customers grow and succeed.

This month we would like to shout out to Kennelly Constructions, a leading Aboriginal business, which provides civil and commercial construction, engineering and maintenance support services across Australia.  Kennelly’s has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2010 and we have enjoyed watching their growth.

Kennelly’s has recently taken delivery of a brand new Hydrema 912ES-Rail machine. This latest purchase will see them expand their operations into the southern states and capitalise on increased private and Government spending on infrastructure. If you haven’t already seen a Hydrema Rail in action, click on this link and watch the video.

Hydrema’s 912ES-RAIL combines all the best features and performance of the popular Hydrema compact dump truck and adds a factory designed and built rail system for high performance both on and off rail. Key Features of the 912ES-Rail include:

  • 10 tonne articulated dump truck.
  • Factory mounted rail wheel system.
  • Multi-tip with 180deg tipping range.
  • Operational both on and off rail.
  • Easy removal of the rail wheel gear for standard earthmoving duties.

As leading Hydrema dealers, we have sold a few of these machines now to customers working in the rail construction and rail maintenance industry. They are superior-quality German made machines.

BMG is the agent for Hydrema machinery along the Eastern seaboard of Australia. We will take delivery of another Hydrema 912ES rail machine for sale, to be available in the next few months. Contact BMG Sales Manager, Rob Alexander for more information or look at the spec sheet here.

Hydrema Rail 912ES

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