Introducing the Hydrema 707G

Tuesday, 16th June 2020

Introducing the Hydrema 707G

It’s no secret that we love our Hydrema dump trucks here at Blake Machinery Group, so when we visited Bauma in early 2019 we were so excited by the brand new Hydrema 707G that we ordered two right away.

After a much-anticipated wait, we recently took delivery of both trucks before they were quickly snapped up for hire by two local contractors. Luckily, we have more on the way!

Hydrema’s full range of dump trucks are world-renowned for their supreme performance, build quality, low ground pressure and durability. Not only that, but their multi-chassis body design offers exceptional versatility, capable of transforming them into anything from water trucks, to concrete agitators and off-road tray trucks.

The 707G is ideal for confined work sites as it boasts the same great features and performance of the popular 912 series dump truck, but in a smaller 7-tonne class. It combines an articulated chassis, record low ground pressure, superb all-round visibility and compact 5.1m turning radius to deliver consistent and reliable performance in even the most restricted and inhospitable locations.

Machine Specs

  • Articulated chassis with oscillation of 12 degrees
  • 3.5m3 high tensile steel tray body with 7 tonne carrying capacity
  • Constant 4WD with LSD front diff and hydromechanical diff on rear
  • MultiTip compact swivel tip system for dumping within a 180 degree area
  • One-step entry for easy access
  • Fuel efficient Cummins F3.8 Stage 5 engine
  • High mobility due to centre pivot steering and hydraulic stabilizers
  • Superb all-round visibility from cab
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • ROPS with AM/FM/UHF

Check out the 707G machine here

Check out of full Hydrema range here

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