Customer Profile - LOADERS 'R' US

Monday, 25th June 2018

Customer Profile - LOADERS 'R' US

Having more than 20 years’ experience in the rail industry and many years as manager of a plant hire business, Alwyn Bishop identified a number of areas where the efficiency and quality of work contractors provided to the rail industry could improve significantly.

In 2011, Alwyn risked all to purchase his first Volvo L90 front-end loader, “unit 001” for his newly created business Loaders ‘R’ Us. Rather than follow the standard “hourly hire”, Alwyn instead followed a path of increased communication and job efficiency. He quickly found that under this model he was getting more work than he and “unit 001” could complete by himself. 

From these humble beginnings, Loaders ‘R’ Us has grown to employ more than 50 staff members with a modern office, machinery workshop and storage yard and now maintains a fleet of over 18 modern front-end loaders, 8 articulated dump trucks, 5 rigid tippers, 3 prime mover floats, 4 excavators, 2 water trucks and a skid steer!

Alwyn has been a valued customer of BMG since the very beginning in 2011. Initially Alwyn bought Volvo Wheel Loaders from BMG. Then, in 2015 when we started to import the 10 tonne Hydrema 912ES articulated dump truck, Alwyn was one of first BMG customers to purchase a Hydrema. Having already owned 3 similar dump trucks from another manufacturer Alwyn was aware of how indispensable these trucks are in a variety of applications and especially in his forte, the Rail industry.

Since the purchase of his first Hydrema they have proven to be very reliable and a perfect fit with his operations, so much so that Loaders ‘R’ Us have just taken delivery of their SEVENTH Hydrema 912ES and his operators couldn’t be happier as the trucks are exceptionally comfortable and the versatility of the 180deg Multi-Tip bowl is indispensable.

Pictured is (1) Alwyn with a Hydrema in his yard and (2) two Hydremas at work for  Loaders ‘R’ Us  with the headlights of a 3rdin the background, these versatile dumpers can be configured in many ways to suit the application, from tyre sizes to body’s with things such as Water Tanks, Hook Bins and Spreaders to name but a few.

Hydremas in action

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