Rebuilt Volvo Components

Tuesday, 30th October 2018

Rebuilt Volvo Components

At Blake Machinery Group, we're proud to keep a diverse variety of talents among our staff. And master rebuilder Mark Ayres is a great example of our team's talent diversity. 

Mark is known for his knack for tidying up Volvo machinery parts and components. If you are a Volvo machine or truck owner, you may be happy to hear that Mark has recently finished rebuilding a Volvo drop box 22512. The Volvo drop box 22512 has now been added to our ever growing BMG Parts inventory. And will be a good fit particularly for the Volvo A25D, Volvo A25E, and Volvo A30D machines.

Among his current projects, Mark has recently been working on two Volvo transmissions. Both of these transmissions are in their final stages of rebuild, and would be suitable for a Volvo A40E, and Volvo L180F. They will both be available for purchase earlier next month.

If you own other Volvo machines or similar trucks, you may find yourself in the market for parts or other components. If you are currently searching for suitable parts and components, do give Adam Lee from our parts team a call today.

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