BMG Parts Service Exchange Program

Wednesday, 20th March 2019

BMG Parts Service Exchange Program

BMG Parts have been rebuilding Volvo Construction Dump Truck and Loader components for the past 3 years. During this time our component rebuild specialist, Mark Ayres, has refined his processes to decrease rebuild times, whilst the Parts Department have been consistently reviewing our stock levels to ensure that Mark has the parts required for a seamless rebuild.

BMG Parts have found its niche components for our Service Exchange program with Transmissions and Drop boxes for Volvo Dump Trucks and Volvo Loaders. We have sold 12 of the components over the last 2 years and are looking to improve on this throughout 2019.

One of the main advantages for Service Exchange components is the reduction in machine downtime, which is a cost sometimes forgotten about. As these components come ready to bolt straight into the customers machine, it is a simple matter of removing the old component or core, then installing the new component. This takes out the wait time for the strip, quote & arrival of parts for the rebuild. Once fitted, the old core is returned for inspection and will be refunded based on the core condition.

In stock currently we have transmissions to suit a range of loaders from a L90D/E/F, L120E and L180F as well as articulated dump truck transmissions to suit A25D, A30D and A40E and drop boxes to suit A25D, A30D. All of our transmissions are bench tested offsite before being put into stock so that you can be sure that the transmission is ready for use once installed. All components come with a 6 month warranty, however new oil coolers must be fitted to ensure there is no residual material left in the cooler that may damage your rebuilt transmission.

In the last 4 months we have sold an A40E Transmission to one of our Queensland customers, A40D Dropbox to a South Australian customer and an A40D Transmission to a New South Wales customer. Mark has a busy time ahead of him to get these rebuilt and back on our shelf ready for sale.  

For any questions about our Service Exchange availability or what we can do for you, please call Adam on 07 5445 4433 or visit us on our website for all parts availability. If you are down in Sydney from the 3rd – 5th May, be sure to come and visit us at the Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo at site 63.

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