Rebuilding a Volvo A30C Transmission

Tuesday, 13th August 2019

Rebuilding a Volvo A30C Transmission

BMG Parts workshop are more than equipped to repair or provide a full service exchange on Volvo components and that’s what has been the case two times over for one of our loyal customers, Brian Neilson from Rocky Point Mulching down in the Gold Coast.

Mark Ayres, our workshop component rebuilder, has recently been tasked with repairing a transmission from one of Rocky Point’s Volvo A30C dump truck and last year he had rebuilt a service exchange transmission that RPM Purchased for their Volvo A30D dump truck, which is still going strong.

Rocky Point has been purchasing Volvo machinery parts from BMG for 2 years so Ben, our Parts Manager, visited Rocky Point earlier this year to better understand who Rocky Point were and the requirements they had for their machines. After receiving a site tour from Brian, who is the workshop manager at Rocky Point, Ben and Brian discussed the possibility of BMG’s workshop repairing his A30C Transmission. BMG took delivery of the transmission and last week Brian returned the favour, visiting BMG to view the disassembled transmission and discuss his repair options for his A30C Transmission.

Brian was happy with the options provided by Mark for the A30C transmission, and Mark has now started the repair which consists of repairing the reverse clutch pack and a clean and check of the rest of the transmission.

Prompt service for this repair is crucial as Rocky Point are coming into their busiest period of the year ramping up production for all their products for Spring. Their Volvo Dump Truck fleet are receiving their last bit of preparation and TLC before putting in long days carting sugar cane and mulch around the property ensuring their variety of mulch blends are available for their customers.

Thank you Brian and Rocky Point Mulching for your continued support and taking time out of your busy schedule to come and meet with us. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.

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